Battletech - The way of the Warrior

Chapter 0 - Prelude

With a world burning and no one to defend the planet or uphold the law, chaos emerged with looting, pillaging and random acts of violence. Most targeting the oriental population of Karbala.

Tai-Sho Göran Kurita is doing everything in his power to re-establish law and order.
Tai-I Wagner is nominated to roundup everyone with even the slightest mech pilot training and form a new mech defense for Karbala. To her assistance she have Gunsho Gårdfrid and Heishi Nakagawa.

After a morning execution most of the civilians now accept there fate and training begins. Two groups are formed , one for people with some military experience and one with pure civilians. After a few weeks basic training the remaining 18 people form one group.


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