Knut Hermansson

A tall broad man with a clean shaved chin and head


a tall blue eyed man who is seen but never heard. Likes to stick to him self and often seen reading any kind of book in any kind of subject or meditating at the compound Buddhist shrine.

Excels in his soldier duties but never one for a friendly chat or game.


Born into a working class family of asteroid miners.
Was a bright student in school and enlisted into the army at a young age as a sharpshooter in the infantry. he excelled and was transferred to the special forces.
Have done many years of active duty of-world and received both praise and rewards for his service. It all ended with a local reporter chasing a story that uncovered his mission, his identity and his network.
Ended up drifting around and was presumed dead when he showed up at Karbala a few years back. As he was written of as dead he retreated to a secluded area and took the vow of monk hood at a small fishing village.

Knut Hermansson

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